“ 7 Billion People, 14 Billion Faces”

Aarushi Grover
2 min readAug 24, 2020

Someone asked me a few days back, “Why people are two-faced?

You will come across two-faced people in life. They will be considerate and kind with words for you in your presence but they are something else behind your back. I think complaining about double faces of people makes one a hypocrite as the person complaining also has multiple faces and selfish intentions.

Salt is often mistaken for sugar and they both have the same appearance. As in the case with most people, “Make sure everybody in your ‘boat’ is rowing and not drilling holes.” No matter how good a person you are, you’re an evil person in someone’s story.

Let’s see this thing from the other way now.

People say “you are two-faced” and intend it as an insult. But I find myself having multiple faces. I always believed people keep multiple faces or more precisely, multiple personas. Are you the same person with your mom as you are with your boss or teacher? Think about it.

We behave with others based on how comfortable we are with them, how close the person is to us or what that person means to us, what our feelings are towards that person and how much we are going to behave on those feelings, etc.

The two-faced people are two-faced maybe just because they are actually different people from what they want to be.

One face is just an image, Two faces a coin, a Thousand facets a jewel. How complicated are you?

Thanks for reading! This article may be totally unsatisfactory for you because your other face is not allowing you to understand it. 😏