Why music is my escape?

Aarushi Grover
3 min readJul 1, 2020

Almost everybody has an escape from the pain of life. Some people read books, watch movies/shows, exercise, sleep, or they have some hobby, etc. Similarly, my escape is Music.

I am not a musician or anything. But Music is like a best friend to me. The kind of friend I can choose ‘When to talk’ (turn on/off music anytime), and ‘What to talk’ (the song I choose to play).

Movie-It’s Kind of a Funny Story(2010)

Does it ever happen to you where you listen to a song and it provokes a specific memory that takes you back at that time? or maybe you hear something for the first time and that immediately catches your attention? You find yourself bopping to that song and those lyrics because you hear something you can totally relate to!!!

It happens to me almost every day.

Also, it happens with me a lot of times where I find myself sitting in a room with my headphones on and getting totally caught up in it, to a point where I just don’t know what is happening in my surroundings. Just as my title says, I escape into another world where it is just me and the music.

I’ve always been an introverted person, who lives most of the time, in her own mind rather than in reality. To me, listening to music is like wearing colourful glasses: all the void, greyness, and sadness in my life are temporarily gone.

Movie-August Rush(2007)

What kind of music do I like? Yes, there are genres which I prefer the most. But I listen to every kind of music. Sometimes, I don’t care what a genre or kind is, it just has to be good music to my ears.

“I was depressed as f**k, mentally torn in half, Feeling stuck… When it was hard to laugh, the Music was all I had”. – Joyner Lucas (Song-Revenge)

There is music for every emotion. If I’m happy, music adds to my happiness. If I’m sad, it reduces the sadness or makes me sadder depending on the mood. If I’m depressed, music gives me hope. If I’m angry, music calms me down. I can always find a song that appropriately suits my mood.

I always have some song in my head, even when I’m not actually listening to anything. It may be a song that I heard on the radio or the last song I have listened to, or maybe I heard someone else humming that song and now it’s in my head as well. And sometimes, it just comes from nowhere, the song just unknowingly pops in my head.

Begin Again movie
Movie-Begin Again(2013)

Regardless of what anyone says, music speaks to me on another level. The music I listen to maybe will tell you more about me than anyone else would ever be able to. I have different playlists for my different moods. The best thing about music is it’s a universal language everyone gets connected to it easily.

Ending on a musical note:

“I don’t need anything to make me satisfied…‘Cause the music fills me good and it gets me every time.” – Bebe Rexha (Song- Me, Myself & I)

Thanks for reading! Also, I wrote this article while listening to my playlist at 3:00 AM.

Music is my escape